Pavilion are a four piece heavy rock band from Brisbane, Australia. Their structured combination of riffs, solos, melodies and drops creates a unique style that enables them to engage with a variety of audiences.



Formed by vocalist and guitarist Peter Muldoon and guitarist Michael

Fabricato, Pavilion take influence from heavy rock and alternative

metal to create a sound of their own, made possible with David

Hunter on bass and backing vocals and Daniel Radziejowski on

drums, each adding their own flavour to the band’s style.


Having recently finished recording their EP, they now prepare for the

filming of their debut single “Hellfire”. Their professionalism

resonates throughout everything they do as this is a band that knows

what it takes to be noticed.


With a dynamic live performance and ever-engaging repertoire,

Pavilion are a band with big goals and strong ambitions.


Peter Muldoon – Vocals & Guitar

Michael Fabricato – Guitar

David Hunter – Bass & Backing Vocals
Daniel Radziejowski – Drums

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